hh;c is an arts, food & culture creative powerhouse and platform

made collaboratively by curators, makers and storytellers,

deeply bonded to bali,

empowering the feminine energy as source of creativity.


Contemporary Indonesian

Provocative dining journeys cooked by the young & hungry chefs of Indonesia.

UP&COMING series creates ephemeral culinary experiences in unused times and locations. We drive to the spotlight those voices that are both memorable and innovative, nourishing the creativity of both chefs and artists based in bali, closely engaging guests in a discovery journey,

Ep01  : Jammin Chow. July 1st
Ep02 : Fernando Tendean. Localabs. 
Ep03 : Wiwik Fortuna. Merah Putih. 

Ep04 : Armen Putu. Bikini. 
Ep05 : Grace Costavina. R4D.


Female bodies in art:
subject, object or currency?


An exploration of female bodies as live brushes, objects of desire and hegemony, narrative tool and mean for disruption. A session of talks, exploration of creative processes and performance through the lenses of 10 bali-based artists. 

Chicas Chidas
 at Uni Berawa

We bring to the spotlight works from a band of diverse women artists and makers living in Bali, whose creation boldly celebrates topics such as women’s identity, representations, inclusivity, resilience, power, beauty, and equality. this is an initial representation through a variety of mediums and genres of art including photography, painting, illustration, wearable arts, music, writing, and gastronomy. we dare you to take an intimate look, have a taste, and feel the passion of our voice.

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