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adella bahar

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Artist and Curator at _Cakravala

Indonesian Art Gallery

Adella Bahar is an emerging curator and director of a new Indonesian online art gallery - Cakravala. She is from Jakarta, Indonesia but currently based in Sydney. Aside from her passion in curating, she loves to express her vision and ideas by experimenting with photography and videography. As we quote from her, “Like a silent film, my work is often melancholic in nature as I find beauty in capturing dream-like states to toy with the imagination.”


We are very excited to hear that things are going great for her professionally, as doors of opportunities are beginning to open up and she gets constant butterflies just by thinking about it! Revealing more of herself, she mentioned she has been struggling quite a lot in her personal life, and we love to hear that she is learning to be kinder with herself. “Loving yourself is constant work - HARD work but worth every cell in your body” as she puts it.


This past year has been a year full of self-reflection for Adella. Her vision is to find what she is really passionate about and to use those skills and knowledge to support others, - and Cakravala is her vision came to life. A platform to celebrate and preserve Indonesian culture to support Indonesian talents. 


Fun facts about Adella: she is obsessed with jazz, loves spending her time in nature, and she likes to drink her Furphy’s beer (Australian brewed) as she said it feels like summer! 


If she can choose three roommates, they will be Dolorosa Sinaga, Marina Abramović, and Ella FItzgerald.


You can find her beautifully photographed black and white series, “Where You Can’t Find Me” at our Chicas Chidas event.

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