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amy baard

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Chef, Restaurant Naga in Berawa

Born in Paarl, South Africa, Amy has been working in South East Asia for most of her career, cheffing from Vietnam to crazy Bangkok, Cambodia, Indonesia and Japan. Even though she has worked in some large hospitality projects and in some very creative events, what she enjoys the most is actually creating simple, wholesome dishes that trigger food memories, awakening a sense of travel, adventure and discovery. 


She loves how food can literally change someone's day or mood, bring back childhood memories and bring people together. There is a power in nourishing and Amy embraces it. Her favourite word is appelieffie - which is a gooseberry but that also directly translates to apple-love. 

Bold as she can be, se reckons we may need more female chefs a little bit less of TikTok. More on the lines of Anne-Sophie Pic, who she admires deeply. That been said, she would have loved to enjoy a meal with Bourdain - who wouldn’t. 

As the lead of the new kid in the block, at Naga, a small 25 seater restaurant, she serves a take on modern Japanese and Vietnamese cuisine, hoping to be in between the best restaurants in the island. 


A pizza topping?

Anchovies - either love me or you hate me. 


Salsa - zesty, fiery, simple yet sophisticated 


Negroni - surprisingly pleasant, not to bitter, not to sweet.

South Africa?

Go to every single wine estate

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beef croquettes copy Ira Rodrigues
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