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anne linden

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Creative director and mixologist

Anne is hard to define. She makes cocktails, yes. Does she style them? Yes, as well. Does she create a concept around them? Yes, and also the concepts that exceed them, working with other mixologists, venues, brands and media trendsetters.


She grew up in the west of Germany but has been shaped by every place that she has called a little bit home. Berlin is home, Munich is home and Bali is by far the most beautiful place she’s called home, to this point. Having studied museology, with a BA in Arts, she made the jump from bartender to creative director and producer, using her professional experience and creative passion to craft marketing concepts, cocktail recipes, bar menu concepts, photo and video shootings. 


At the moment she is a freelancer actively building her accounts @annsophlin and @lindenandfabian while shaping her site and appearing in magazines like Mixology and Cosmopolitan Germany.


“Life is Interesting, wild and delicious”

Any perfect day for her would contain a dash of aesthetics, flavours and a surfing attitude that allows her to learn on the spot, wishing we could all accept different perspectives and opinions on subjects.


“Less ego”, it’s her reply when we ask what could we live without, “less ego, less weapons”. Driven to learn, she shares that she would choose Tanja Trutschnig, Cloudy Zakrocki and Monica Berg as housemates.


The craziest thing I would do?

Be myself.

A pizza topping?

Pineapple and broccoli, with garlic - she is definitely one of a kind ;)

Drink? Adonis - Dry Fino Sherry, Sweet Vermouth and Orange Bitters. 

Cartoon? Heidi, the European version - there was one!

If we go to Berlin? To the park "Englischer Garten", to the river "Isar" and to the bar "Les Fleurs du mal" for an aperitif.


And, why are you Chida?

Because I am me.

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