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the backroom

Female bodies in art:
subject, object or currency?

The captivating shapes of the female body have always been a subject of representation and inspiration in art. Mother of creative energy, it’s depiction tells a story of time, place and mainly regard. Covered, uncovered, hidden, saturated, the female body has been used to set an outline of beauty, but also to disrupt it. Mostly to dominate, eventually to break free.

In more recent years, as women have become more vocal in all social and economic spheres, and due to an increased democratization of image consumption and mass-media reign, the ideals of feminine beauty and the body alike have changed. Women themselves have started to draw their own ideal, and men to diversify theirs. 


Yet some aspects change more readily than others, and this process is deeply observed in the creative process per se. We wanted to offer a sneak peek into this complex evolution of construction. From inception to portray, in each artist’s voice, an entire cultural universe lies. That is the mirror of times.

Saint J.jpeg

- creative exploration by
Angga Pratama
Carina Hardy

Ira Boritskaya
Kezia Alexandra
Kuro Neko
Maya Crowder
Nyimas Laula
Sarah Hobson

- tunes by
Dj Mistral

- drinks by
Shaf.ira Permata

- photos by

Denny Novikar

- visuals and performace by
Saint J. and
Platform Dance Company

- staging and design by

Matthias Blonski
Brina Paska
Hi Huns.

ART @MasonTheBackroom.jpg
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