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brina paska

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Art curator and textiles researcher,

co-founder of Cakravala

Born and raised in Jakarta, Brina settled in Bali after some years between the London and Paris, where she 

specialised in Fashion Marketing and Luxury Brand Management. 


After her studies she took a year to reconnect with Indonesia and research on textiles and handcraftsmanship. As a result, she started her own gallery, Wastraku with the aim of exhibiting regional expressions from other islands. The goal was to exhibit textiles from different parts of Indonesia and the first one was on handcrafts from Sumba. She got so hooked that she had to do a second exhibition with four emerging artists making artworks inspired by the Sumba culture. After a year of exhibitions she decided to partner up to open an online art gallery showcasing emerging Indonesian artists, this is - Cakravala. 


She is learning to adapt and redefine, working towards self-commitment. On that line, Brina notices for us that the Indonesian language does not have past tense. She looks forward. With Adella, her business partner, they have been planning a third and fourth exhibitions, making the jump again to offline in partnership with a local fashion brand as guest curators, gathering six amazing Indonesian artists. 


A believer in the healing powers of mother earth, she could spent days listening to Erykah Badu and Corinne Bailey Rae, wondering how would it have been to have endless talks with Kartini, the rebellious Javanese writer that fought for women’s rights to an education. Also an admirer of Audrey Hepburn, she fancies imagining what it would have felt to be a famous actress or singer, but she is more focused discovering artists and to know their stories.

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