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caroline kjellberg

Animator, in all dimensions, and mixed-media artist

Danish, and while the world decides what comes next, Bali is her home. She is “a freelance 2D animator with a passion for mixed-media animation, rotoscoping and quirky character design”, to her own definition. 
She has lived in five different corners of the world, finding inspiration for her storytelling and visual style through other cultures, but a lot of it also comes from her 500+ DVD collection, street art, 80’s music videos, and colorful candy stores. A perfect day for her would include an 80's funky jam, a solid chocolate lava cake, and puppies, maybe ending the day off with a good horror movie and a kiss from Jason Mamoa.. and finding out, that fairies and unicorns actually exist.
She is already working with brands such as Adobe, Calvin Klein, Visit California, Beats by Dre, UNIQLO, and Carlsberg on projects that range from family portraits to concert visuals. 
A current learning process: learn to be able to say no without explaining, because "no" is a full sentence.

A favourite cartoon despite the impossibility of choosing: Spirited Away and Peter Pan.

Favourite word: Chocolate.
Ps. We all send a special thank you note to the ex-boyfriend who mistreated Caroline, leading her to leave her comfort zone all the way to us and this island. Happy portrait by Livia Kuniardi.

caroline by livia kuniardi.jpg
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