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claudia s. von

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Creative consultant. Freelance project manager, nourisher @hihun;collectif

A woman of the world. Calling home where her heart is, her journey started in Lima, Peru, where she was born and raised. 


Claudia's curiosity and passion to explore has brought her many places, always following her drive to get to know (and taste) the unknown. Which also reflects in her field of work, educated in performing arts she moved to advertising, tech with Google/Facebook and the food world with the W50Best list, working the most interesting gigs with equally inspiring chefs. She is everything from a producer and organizer to a loose mind that likes to fly. A real powerhouse, not only a talker but doer at the same time, a fast one. 

Now calling Bali home she is connecting all dots in her balanced way of life. Reconnecting food, travel and culture, empowering herself and others through mediums of books, film and collectives always open minded for every opportunity which might cross her path. Her joy for life, creativity and people reflect in her contagious energy. When you see her sipping on either her 3rd cup of coffee or green juice, don't hesitate to say hi hun! You wont regret having a chat which might turn into hours of conversations and anecdotes. 

Claudia is finding inspiration in every woman she meets in her life, hence woman empowerment is a very important topic in her daily conversations, she believes that we can change the way we are all doing things, for humanity and earth, through exchange in knowledge and shared interests. 


The current path Claudia is on is a surprising one, even though Claudia calls herself a creative type, she imagined a more intellectual environment to fit in, regardless her life has been kind and filled with surprises, everywhere where she has gone. Following her heart with unavoidable passion,  a pinch of stubbornness and faith it's bound to happen that we will see, hear and listen to Claudia's inspiring creations in the near future. 

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