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Chicas Chidas by LEI

Chicas Chidas in Bali,

the brunch takeover at UNI Berawa

It started as coffee and a casual conversation. We kept talking once and again about the incredible and talented women we were lucky to meet everyday in Bali. It is quite impressive for such a tiny island, and yet quite unknown in detail beyond our shores, or even inbetween social cirlcles.


We thought celebrating this unique blessing, in a time when everything seems very upside-down, was going to boost our mood and get our connections on creating mood, inspiring each other to do more.

We went way beyond our expectations, and from one or two chefs and maybe one or two artists, we grew into this amazing collective of talented women that were as open and as generous. All of us ready to connect, share and built for the benefit of our community. We can say Chicas Chidas has been a beautiful and organic adventure that had its first milestone on the 21st of February at Uni, Berawa, but that will go on, because we loved it.


Now we hope to keep on growing, extending, relating, sharing, expanding, connecting and over all empowering and nourishing. 


We invite you to share that journey with us. There is so much more to come. 

Chicas Chidas by LEI is a global event series held through the entire year, with its origin dating back to 2018 in Mexico DF, as part of the LEI La Escena Inminente programme, a platform run by the culinary agency Enlaces Gastronomicos.


With the aim of bringing upcoming chefs to the spotlight, LEI has exchanged chefs between Europe and Latin America on a solid basis. With Chicas Chidas by LEI, the spotlight was moved to focus on the women behind the stoves and bars, pairing mainly high-end gastronomy with mixology, with talented female chefs like Sofia Cortina and Karime Lopez from Gucci Osteria Francescana.

Coming 2020 the events scene was set on hold, and it was the aim of LEI to create a wave to celebrate the values of resilience, creativity, collaboration and adaptability, led by women. On March 8th, the wave has kicked off with 8 cities, and more will be adding on during 2021.