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denny novikar

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Denny, playing with creation and the aim to create more

Photographer and visual artist from Medan, Indonesia with a penchant for people, places, parties, pleasures, music, and all kinds of human passion.


Denny, or NVKR, workds in photography and videography production since 2013, having worked across various industries, specialising in fashion, lifestyle, and event photography.


NVKR’s client list includes Arthetiks, Arthur The Label, Leaf Official Store, HiJack Sandals, Oscar And Frank, Canggu Club, The Ungasan, Sundays Beach Club, Seminyak Village, Potato Head Beach Club, The Back Room, The Lawn, Luigis Hot Pizza, Da Maria, Black Sand Brewery, to name a few. Denny's network of collaborators is just endless, as he exchanges freely his knowledge and talent for the sake of nourishing beautiful soul-feeding work.

Find more about out event Art, Happening v.1 and check his shots from the night ;)

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