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dina tay

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Making art in the real world

at Tinta Photo Solutions

Born in Jakarta, as part of a Singaporean-Indonesian family, Dina is an entrepreneur, all the way. 


When she was a teenager, she realized she could perceive the world around her as art, but was wise enough to understand her role in the art circle, and instead of pursuing an artistic education, she chose the business path. Today, she owns and leads Tinta Photo Solutions with his partner Fred. What they do goes beyond printing, they care to realize what the artists have envisioned. 


“We opened a gallery called Lafotogalerie to foster the work of Indonesian photographers, and their relation to buyers. There we realized there was a lack of reliable high quality art producers, capable of empowering the artists. There are no such thing as small or big in art”.


They participate and support most of the key exhibitions in Bali, having become the go-to place for most artists and designers. Despite the current panorama her view is optimistic: “there has never been a time like this pandemic time where there seem to be abundant time to create, time to spend quality time with family, and time to seek for clarity of the mind”.


A perfect day?

A day when there are 1000 moments to smile to.

What we need more?

Increased capacity of compassion within humanity.


Even though Dina is a person of reason and calculations, as she puts it, she enjoys writing and reading poetry, and dreaming of maybe one day taking the Transiberian from Vladivostok to Moscow, and driving all the way to Brittany.


A pizza topping? Tomato base. 

A taco topping? Sour cream. 

A drink? Water.

Last meal? Baguette tradition and butter.


As cut to the chase. Dina also believes being Chida means not resting limited to what women are labeled to do by societies. “Not trying to tap into full potential for anyone in creation for both men or women alike, would be a waste of a lifetime”.

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