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dom hammond

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Owner Chef at Good Mantra and

plant-based alchemist, Dom Tropical

Dom left a successful career in film making in Melbourne five years ago to began a personal journey of transformative healing, physically and spiritually, through food, getting on the path of a plant based diet and creative exploration. She moved to Perth and trained as a certified, raw, vegan chef.


Moved to to Bali, she has designed the menus of most of the flagship vegan and plant-based restaurants that contribute to the island image of healthy instagrammable paradise: Kynd Community, Nalu Bowls, Peloton Supershop, Single Fin, Alamayah Resort, Ninety One and Neon Palms, to name a few.


As an alchemist she plays with the plants to create new recipes and flavours, making bacon from banana peels and crab-cakes from palm hearts. Her earth-to-plate approach though brings her to a more holistic role, exceeding the kitchen to work on recipe development, vegan training for chefs, vegan food advocacy and training for both BOH & FOH staff, and even photography and food styling.


Four months ago she opened Good Mantra and now is ready to hit the beach club scene with Matanari. She says she would have never imagined this life, but neither she could have imagine it any other way. Life is full of changes, adventures, more waves, more chicks, more dancing, more food!


Her favourite word is mushrooms, and you should try her takes on them to understand how accurate this election is ;)

Photo credits Jade Sarkhel

Portrait by Livia Kuniardi

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