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The Artist Dinner Series by Elami_03156.

daniela burr

&mila shwaiko

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Elami&Co, creating  highly curated events in connection with tradition

The birth of Elami was unintentional. They never set out to start a business. They simply started collaborating while producing non-profit events for our mutual love of “ideas worth spreading.” They just enjoy making things happen, paying attention to details, watching new relationships develop, and fostering creativity. 


“We turned a garage into our creative space (pretty much like Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak but with girl touches), and have slowly grown our team. Elami, which is an anagram of our names (Daniela and Mila), is now Elami and Co.; making us very lucky to work with some of the most talented people in Indonesia”.


They design for Indonesia and to showcase its amazing craftsmanship to the world, preserving an environmentally-conscious ethos, and above all, to inspire and connect people. 


Organic and magical, very much like us, which is why they were one of our first calls, and they have been the most supportive allies we could have ever found.

Toko Elami Gifts Boxes by Suki Zoe_0772.
Creative Refresh 2019 by Neyna Rahmadani
Elami Boxes by Neyna Rahmadani_04137.jpg
The Indigo Dinner Series by Elami_03076.
The Artist Dinner Series by Elami_02374.
Creative Refresh 2019 by Neyna Rahmadani
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