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elizabeth selly

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On the make of ENIGMA, a contemporary Indonesian textile brand

BIASA alumni, Elizabeth Selly is the fashion designer behind ENIGMA, a brand focused on working hand-made Indonesian textiles with a contemporary look, ranging from the use of hand weaving to batik, tye-dye, hand, and screen painting.

Now she is working towards expanding and refocusing her fashion brand ENIGMA to adapt to the changing consumer behaviors to the online market.


She juggles working her brand, setting trainings with communities, and taking courses on website design and fashion business. Her concern for climate change is the motivation for her to follow conscious practices, advocating for a change in the way we produce, value and consume fashion. 

“We can only learn” - her favorite word is ‘imperfection (wabi-sabi)’, her dream superpower is to time travel, and her choice of a last meal is Durian. 

And, if she could choose three women to be her roommates, she would choose Mayuki Kato (a Japanese ceramic artist), Sarah Chandra (a homemade & organic food enthusiast), and Arawinda Kirana (a full-time artist).

elizabeth selly in enigma
Enigma Textile
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