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evy novita

evy novita

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Illustrator and muralist,

multi-surface artist of consciousness

As a Balinese self-taught artist, Evy Novita is very much inspired by nature to the very center of being, regardless of the surfaces where she can create. She aims to expand consciousness. 

Her mediums vary from paper to wall (mural) as well as hand paint clothes and ceramics. Because a lot of her attention and inspiration also comes from nature, she started another mission to reconnect people with nature by selling plants and doing landscape design.

She loves the process of making art because it involves creativity, and to her, creativity is a form of release and expression. The other two things that she loves the most are plants and surfing because both connect her with Mother Earth.

Evy’s goal is to be balanced in her mind, body and soul - as well as bringing more plants to everybody. Her favorite word is ‘Grow’. 

Her message to us all is to enjoy every day to the fullest, and helps us through the beauty she creates with her brands MANY and BUNGAPLANTS.

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