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ira boritskaya

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Illustrator, graphic designer and poet of the feminine form

Ira Boritskaya is a Russian contemporary artist that finds inspiration in the curves of female bodies and the sensuality of their nakedness, creating soft odes to femininity in pure colors.

Ida received a university education in design and art criticism, to then perform as a graphic designer and illustrator for brands and clients before moving to Bali to pursue her own creations. Her character, the "wineglass philosopher” made her first appearance as Valentine’s postcard this February, also interacting with the guests at our Chicas Chidas event. She is now looking to a place where she can create a mural, as her expression grows in its need for space.

She also wants to empower the creative stage of Bali and spends her time researching and enjoying the cultural layer of the island. 

“Design felt short for me then... I want to go off-screen. Be on walls, streets, spaces, small daily things... I want to make the world my canvas”, and for that, she believes she can also nourish a better world.

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