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Pop Up collective,
three chefs exploring the produce of Indonesia 

- photos by Two Rubbers and Matthias Blonski

Vallian Gunawan comes from some of the most regarded kitchens in Asia: L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon and 2** Odette with Julien Royer, both in Singapore. With some time also at Oxwell&Co, and with craft and technique perfected in some other Relais&Chateaux and Michelin kitchens, he got back to Bali to make food more approachable, and Indonesian cuisine and produce more valued in the culinary circles.

With a childhood spent in Medan, his approach to food is as mixed as one could dream of, with tastes from Batak aboriginals to indian, Chinese and Malay influences, and the vibrancy of Padang cuisine.


Austin Milana made his way from the 5* St. Regis at Kayaputi. After spending sometime in Amsterdam he got back to Bali as part of the Bikini team, also starting a consultancy as Salt to Taste and opening our beloved oasis Asha in Canggu.


Original from Surabaya, he mixes the aboriginal javanese tastes with the memories of a childhood influenced by Filipino - pinoy - flavours, adding an extra layer of cultural richness to home-looking plates, cleanly executed respecting every flavour in its own right.


Ryan Theja came back to Indonesia after his time in Sydney working at Bennelong, under the wings of leading Chef, and inspiration, Peter Gilmore.


Original from Lombok, Ryan is a master when it comes to fish and seafood - as anyone tasting their pop ups at Mano Beach House would vouch for. Focused on sustainability, he also runs a small company, Empak Locale, sourcing the best of Indonesian produce from the ocean.

We still dream with his last Amadai, rare fish used in japanese cuisine, beautifully excecuted at their last pop up at

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