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livia kuniardi

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Food and lifestyle photographer and social media strategist

Original from Jakarta, Livia hustled in the capital city before moving to Bali in 2013.


She spent her time working professionally in the hospitality industry for two years before she decided to venture in a creative direction, a move she would not have dreamed of when she started her career. 

Always an aesthetic mind, she enjoys a calm life, spiced up by time in galleries or museums, finding her ways through the flavours of a big city, as long as she gets back to the creative peace of Bali, where she works as a freelance photographer, social media manager and graphic designer. 

“I once thought about it and said to myself when I was in school, "If I ever become a photographer, it would be a dream job! I mean it's not really a promising job." and that was in 2007-2008. Fast forward 10-12 years now, I actually made it! I get to have my dream job”.
Topping? Cheese! I get better with age.
A dish? My mom's HK-style boiled chicken.


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