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maya kerthyasa

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Storyteller, food writer and illustrator setting the spotlight on Balinese culture

Maya (Tjok) Kerthyasa is half Balinese and half Australian. She grew up between Bali and Sydney and studied journalism, shaping herself as a food writer. She spent four-and-a-half years at Australian Gourmet Traveller Magazine and wrote a little bit about travel, but her strongest love was always food, since childhood. 

Even when still running around the back of her family house at Ibah, her parent’s hotel in Campuhan, she found her way writing a first restaurant review at the age of nine. Now she prepares a book on the food of Bali. “It’s so layered, complex and full of cultural significance, but it just isn’t spoken about internationally. I’d like to change that”.

Beyond labels or creative interests, first and foremost, she is a mother and a nourisher. While focused on her book, she finds some spare time to draw mountains, plants and mythical creatures, sharing with us the beautiful postcards created together with Elami&Co. Art runs in everything she does.

“I'm all about food, fun and females”.

Photo credits to Elami&Co, Sunday China Post.

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