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regina lee

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Independent designers creating a lifestyle from a fashion brand: Rik&Reg

Regina grew up in Jakarta, Indonesia. She worked at Cosmo Girl, Jakarta for three years before relocating to Bali to manage Australian labels Fairground and Ebony Eve. Regina also designed and manages Indonesian labels Sisca and Little Sisca.


Besides designing, Regina spends her time getting her nails painted bright colours and baking the best carrot cake on the island (the writer vouches for it). Besides her clothing brand she runs Kenduri Bali, a celebration of Indonesian cuisine where she makes both cakes and balinese-cuisine events and workshops.


She divides her working days between time in the office, the shop, the kitchen and on the road. Often found riding around Denpasar all day, from supplier to tailor to another supplier.


Gratefully empowered by her partner in life and business, the Rik in Rik&Regs, she also enjoys their time at home listening to The Beatles and The Cure - of course!

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