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risyana muthia

Freelance writer and entrepreneur

A writer, freelance journalist, and content creator. Risyana is passionate of storytelling in every shape. She has published and co-written several books, and worked with some renowned local and international media companies and media personalities for both commercial or non-commercial projects. She is also a business owner in Bali, co-owning a holiday home called Haigha House in Ubud, featured by Culture Trip for her stylish design. 


What keeps her excited? The loveliest two-years old little lady. “She's hilarious. Every day she surprises me with new tricks”. And she brings some unforeseen surprises with her: just recently Risyana learned that one of her favourite Johnny Cash's song, A Boy Named Sue, was not written by Johnny, but by one of their favourite children book's authors Shel Silverstein. “Now that I learned that it was written by a children book's author, it suddenly (and pleasantly) made even more sense!”


She just finished a big off-the-record collaboration with one of the biggest names in the industry, while she tryes to finish a children's book. 


- So, what does the world need?


- We need… As Susan Sontag puts it... "douceur", the world needs more gentleness. And as Vonnegut puts it... "softness", Be soft. Do not let the bitterness steal your sweetness. 


She has a witty sense of humour. “If I could, I would have Ali Wong as a housemate. She's witty and hilarious, and also known for making lots of self-deprecation jokes about being Asian and about Asian culture. I do that a lot too haha. Feels like we could whine together over wine”.


If she had to choose again, she would just write. “I’m passionate of what I’m doing, and I’m good at it”.

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