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salwaa chetizsa

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Futile Odds a.k.a. AWE, illustrator of multiple media and styles

Futile Odds a.k.a. Awe a.k.a. Salwaa Chetizsa is a Bali-based illustrator from Jakarta. Her illustrations mostly embody themes surrounding nature and body anatomy, and she enjoys drawing on different types of mediums: digital, paper, fabrics, and just recently, ceramics. Within her creation process, her art is heavily inspired by traditional and fine-line tattoo styles, and vintage scientific illustrations. 

She is currently working as an apprentice under the founder of Arta Derau (ceramic studio brand), Puti, and in this incredible opportunity, She is constantly pushed to continually create, practice, and explore her art style, as well as ceramic techniques, now producing her own line of ceramic collection.

When asked about how she enjoys her time, she shares: “I love going on adventures and the sea and it’s always a good feeling when I’m close to nature. Diving and sailing also taught me patience, and slowness, not to rush. Maybe that’s why I enjoy them.”


Her inspiration comes from all the amazing women around her: her mom, sisters, grandma, bosses, best friends, who always inspire and support her every step of the way.

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