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sarah bakkas

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Lifestyle and fashion photographer capturing the rhythm of Bali days

She is French and quite from the world, but for now Bali is home.


Sarah had travelled over more than 40 countries capturing all images with her handphones, still able to create great moments, when people started to ask her what camera was she using so she decided to learn properly how to use a cam, "I booked 8 master classes with Derrick Thompson. After the second session, he offered me a job as his assistant. I got paid to learn”.


Now she needs to keep with the speed of everything that is happening from that moment, “I'm still shy about it, but I started to post on Instagram and my website is under construction”. She tries to go one step at a time, always with a great smile, always guided by her growing knowledge on astrology. While she builds material to soon enough create her own exhibition, she also acquires a new skill creating video content. There is a rhythm to all what she does, maybe that’s why she chose Tina Turner for her imagined dinner companion.


A topping? Olives, black.

A drink? Her special mocktail : pineapple juice, Schweppes tonic and rosemary.

Level of chidismo? Actually, I'm a mujer chida ;)

Portrait by Nyimas Laula.

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