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Surrealism, avant-garde and folklore from still to motion media

Kezia Alexandra is an artist from Indonesia, but to her, San Francisco is home. In her personal artistic development she explores different forms of art from still pictures to motion pictures and 2D pieces to 3D,
inspired by surrealism, avant-garde, and folklore.
Her journey in films involves working with projects ranging from short films that got nominated in festivals in states to blockbuster series & features including Blindspotting, The OA, Sorry To Bother You, Preman Pensiun. Aside from general filming, the underwater world also caught her attention - she did an underwater filming workshop with Pete Romano & Hyrdroflex in Los Angeles. She directed music videos (Hiatus, Heels) that are nominated in festivals such as Stardust Festival & published/curated by The Music Australia. Her experimental pieces have gone around festivals in Europe & the states whilst Girl Gaze & Spasium curated her photography on their platform.

Today, she broadens her spectrums of creation by creating mixed media as well as paintings apart from her filmmaking and photography. A curious creator, Kezia recommends visiting Amed if someday you are in Bali, a clear spot for her interest in astronomy: “Mars can be seen every night in Bali, it’s the red dot on the night sky. Draw a diagonal line, you will find Jupiter.”
Quite a rebel, she thinks the world needs less social media, her favorite word is ‘perhaps’, and if she were a drink she would love to be a whisky sour. The three women that she’d like to be roommates with are Inez van Lamsweerde, Marina Abramović, and Nina Simone, - “I would be able to create with all of them and they all came from different backgrounds of art that will make the house alive”.

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