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sekar puti sidhiawati

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Arta Derau and female empowerment creator based in Ubud

She is from West Java but her home and atelier are in Tegallalang, Bali. She is a ceramicist and visual artist for her own, and a mother and manager in partnership with her husband, the also visual artist Agugn.
Sekar Puti founded Arta Derau back in Bandung while consistently working in the art world, but in 2018 she saw the need to enlarge the studio. With a focus on woman related issues, Puti has been on several fine art exhibition, and her solo debut came with Derau/Tinggal (in 2018) and Your Existence Gives Me Hope (2019), both in Bali. 
Derau means noise or roar in Indonesian. It resembles so much of her work. Far from clean, sleek, and smooth, her bet is on the unstructured, loud, and intense. It speaks loudly the courage to be different while also enforce on poetic and imaginative expression.
“I love the idea about get out from the comfort zone. After the comfort zone there is a fear zone. We often hesitate to move from our comfort zone due to this zone. We need some courage and excitement. After fear zone there is a learning zone. I mean, we might have been on a failure but we have to have a mindset to learn. And after overcome those learn zone, there is a growth zone. The growth zone very beautiful zone. I think we should always aim for growth”.

Now she researchers more on speciesism and patriarchal capitalism concepts, hoping to incorporate those themes altogether with in her artworks. Clearly inspired by gamechangers, she chooses as her ideal housemates three strong characters: Frida kahlo, Yoko Ono, and Mary of Scotland.

“I think my main drive would be my sanity. I am not doing well mentally if im not making art works”.
Why should we be Chicas Chidas? Because we are one of a kind.


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