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sophia burger

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F&B Operations Director for Potato Head and kindness at @hihun;collectif

“You need to come and eat at the restaurant”


Sophía is way more about reality and human connection than anyone we have met. Which is probably a balance to the many projects she juggles at once, as she does when in service, floating effortlessly from guest to guest with the biggest smile ever.


Home? “Austria, home is where my heart is”, yet she spent six years of her life in Copenhagen and has been in this island for the last four, moving from one of the top industry families at Noma, to one of the soundest ones at Potato Head. “I learned Danish within a summer to be accepted at this hospitality college, worked my ass off, still am”. Noma allowed her to travel the world from Mexico to Japan, only to end up in Bali.


“Life is… fast moving”, and yet she manages to find the time to lead this female focused event and platform, because “what the word needs is more CHIDAS and less bullshit”.


A strong ethos in work is and energiser for her, bringing to light her admiration for her boss: “he has build a company with true family values which have withhold during the pandemic, so much to following his vision and mission beyond just empty words”. 


A believer of action and "good times do good", she also juggles between the quality time offered to her friends, the activist time cleaning the rivers of Bali with Sungai Watch, the joyful times exploring and surfing, and the happiest times drinking coffee to sustain all of the above. 


“It has always given me instant satisfaction to satisfy others, I guess because I am Cancer and that is what I do best but I certainly did not imagine this life. 


Her favourite word, most accordingly, is “joy”. A last meal would include pasta and since she loves everything Japanes is not a surprise that her favourite cartoon is Sailor Moon.


As a Chica Chida, Sophía sees herself as a mediator between generations/ industries and cultures. “My interest and drive across all make me curious and passionate about everyone i meet” and thats a drive per se.

portrait by christian tonnesen
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