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sri rizki

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Designer, brand developer and illustrator leading Tempa Kultura in Kerobokan

Srizkiki is an illustrator and designer from Jakarta but she has been based in Bali for quite some time. Apart from working as a graphic designer, she loves to draw and play with colors, especially exploring watercolor. Nowadays, she is working on a project at her own collaborative space (Tempa Kultura) where she will be collaborating with a few illustrators to create designed products.

Her life is going pretty great these days. Since university days, Srizkiki has always been interested in anything connected to art and design. Art always makes her happy and relieved, and she always feels challenged when it comes to design, which makes her loving it even more!


Concluding this, learning about art and installation with technology is something she wants to do.

Fun facts about Srizkiki: if she were a drink, she would want to be a lemon squash.

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