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sussi pe

@Startingwithasticker, doodles and coffee shops

Sussi Pe, is an OG Swede who has been travelling the world since 2011 but as of 2013, returning for the third time, she has considered  Bali her home away from home. Starting With A Sticker is bright colors, humor and everyday quirkiness depicted through art. 

Sussi loves to create experiences that people want to come back for time and time again. The kind of experiences she says, “Make people feel awesome things!” When she’s not covered in coloured pens, Sussi can be found educating and motivating people through group fitness. 

With a personal mission to visit a new Cafe daily, inspiration is never lacking. She has limitless Google Pins to share with anyone looking for the best coffee and wishes that her way of exploring inspires others to venture outside of their regular “coffee break”. 

Starting With A Sticker is handmade, wobbly and exists because it’s fun to have fun. 


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Screen Shot 2021-03-07 at 11.10.20
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