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Jammin Chow

Episode 02 on 05.August:
Fernando Tendean

Contemporary Indonesian

Provocative dining journeys cooked by the young & hungry chefs of Indonesia.

UP&COMING creates ephemeral culinary experiences in unused times and locations. We drive to the spotlight voices that are both memorable and innovative, empowering the creativity of chefs and artists based in bali, closely engaging our guests in an always different, always unique, journey.

We've cut back on the likes of the fancy table clothes, though we could as well do with them. Because is not about the setting, is about the people, the people that make and the people that we want to enjoy. We are a new generation of cooks trained in the best kitchens of Indonesia and some of the busiest gastronomic capitals. And yes, we are ready to rock the boat.

Focusing on identity and sustainability, we believe in applying spotless techniques to a knowledge and research of tradition and memory. A high regard for the connection of taste and landscape, emotion and intellect, precision and playfulness. 

Aligned in a food-focused ethos, we move away from the expense of multi-course tasting per se to focus on the plate, the produce, the shared experience, the joy of deliciousness and adventure, the exploration of what is still quite unknown. We go beyond tradition to create a contemporary aesthetic: vibrant, complex, layered, spiced and yet carefully balanced.

This is a dream come true for all of us: the Up&Coming is the drive, the pride instead of the ego, the love for home and memory, the value of the landscape that inspires our everyday life in this island. 

We invite you to our chef's table, season one ;)

Episode 01, July 1st:
Austin Milana, Ryan Theja,Vallian Gunawa - a.k.a. Jammin Chow

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